iMessage not delivered? Why? How to solve?

One common issue in iMessage is the ‘not delivered’ error which is an issue involving the message failing to send. It usually involves an exclamation message appearing next to the message that was just sent and below it, a statement saying ‘not delivered.’ This can be relatively annoying especially if something is urgent. Delivered usually means that the other person received the message on their device while read means that the recipient tapped on the message.

iMessage not saying “Delivered” means the messages have not yet been successfully delivered to the recipient’s device due to some reasons.

Reasons for not delivered can include:

  • One of the commonest reasons why your message isn’t being delivered is that the recipient you’re sending to isn’t registered/ no service.
  • This is especially so considering that iMessage works only when there’s an internet connection. No connection means no syncing and as such, no sending or receiving messages.
  • If you do not have coverage, you’ll just have to wait until the recipient connects to Wi-Fi.
  • Another possible reason can be that iMessage is not turned on your device.
  • If the person you’re contacting doesn’t have an Apple product, iMessage won’t work.
  • An outdated iOS may also be a reason for iMessage having issues, so it is essential to ensure that you are running the latest version.

How to solve “iMessage not delivered” issue?

  • If you send a message and the iPhone tells you ‘Not Delivered’, chances are that you don’t have an internet connection. Go to your Settings and open WIFI to see which networks are available.  
  • Another reason for messages not being delivered can be that iMessage is not turned on, and this can be solved by navigating to settings then messages and if iMessage is not turned on you turn it on.
  • Even if you’ve not turned on iMessage, it is recommendable that you try to click off, then on, and give it a few minutes for it to reactivate.
  • If the recipient you’re engaging doesn’t use Apple, then iMessage may not work. In such a scenario, sent SMS won’t be delivered and you’ll see some green bubbles.
  • In addition to being useful for sending messages across different OS, texts can also be utilized in weak internet connections by reverting from iMessage in favor of SMS on your device.
  • By default, the iOS device will be using iMessage to chat between Apple devices. Thus, click on ‘Settings’, then ‘Messages’, and then ‘Send as SMS’. Remember that iMessage will only send text when there’s internet connection, WIFI or Mobile Data.
  • If your message isn’t delivered, you can send it in the form of an SMS; just click on the exclamation point so as to select that option.  
  • Another alternative includes switching to a different messaging app, and one of the most popular ones includes WhatsApp or Telegram which offer secure messaging across all platforms.  
  • A soft restart of your device is recommendable, helps fix problematic software that may be running and causing the message not to be delivered.
  • Updating your iOS to the latest version also ensures the device gets the most recent patches of small issues that can include iMessage errors. Check whether you are running the newest version by going to settings, then general and then software update.
  • Another solution can be signing in then out of Apple account. Click “Settings”, then ‘Messages’ and ‘Send and Receive’.
  • Click on the Apple ID and sign in. Be patient as this takes a minute or so to successfully sign you in.

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