What Is iMessage?

iMessage is a messaging service for iphones tailored by Apple; it uses the internet rather than credit. It’s a built-in app that can send messages between iPhone users at no cost using only data bundles. iMessage can also be used on laptops with MacOS. To say that iMessage is a perfect messaging app is a bit of a stretch, but it does have many advantages to its users.

It’s inbuilt in the messages application on your iPhone, the blue messages. If you’re messaging a friend who doesn’t use an iPhone then the normal green message will be sent but it will be a bit slower. iMessage will make it easier and more enjoyable for you to communicate with your friends.

What Is iMessage?

Advantages of using iMessage

  • It is relatively faster than the normal messages. Sending an iMessage guarantees you faster delivery compared to the normal text messaging app. This is because it’s an inbuilt app and there are no external permissions needed to access the app and send the message.
  • iMessage is very cost effective. You do not need to put in an extra amount for sending an iMessage. Since the app is inbuilt, all you need is to have data bundles or a WiFi connection on your phone and you’re good to go. The specs of the app have been built to use the internet rather than airtime.
  • Unlimited messages. With iMessage, you get to send and receive as many messages as your hard drive can possibly allow. There is no limit to communication between you and your friends; you can text all day and still have messages remaining to send. It works like an internet app e.g. Whatsapp, IMO etc.
  • It’s not limited. You can virtually send all manner of things using iMessage unlike text messaging which is limited to only message texts. Contact cards, videos, photographs and even documents can be sent to other Apple Mac or iPhone users. This goes even for a MacOS laptop. It also has countless stickers and emoji packs which you can download. If you’re using iOS you can create your desired “animoji” depending on your taste.
  • Comes free and has a variety of built-in functionality. This makes it native and more relatable as you don’t have to look for all those functions on other apps or download them separately.
  • It is very easy to operate. It ties in seamlessly with the Apple ecosystem in its entirety. This is to say that whether you’re using Macbook, an iPad, and iPhone, or MacOS, you will be able to access the iMessage services at no extra cost or even effort.
  • It is friendly to battery life. This messaging app does not use up a lot of your battery. Normal text messages and other form of messaging uses up more battery than iMessage will.
  • Unlimited penetration. It does not matter where one is, iMessage reaches and is operable in the remotest of areas around the world as long as your device has the app inbuilt. Unlike most messaging applications, iMessage does not limit its features to only urban developed areas; it’s a free messaging app with unlimited resources and a wide area coverage.

Set back

  • The one setback iMessage has is that it does not operate on all devices. It isn’t compatible with android and a whole lot of other devices. Only limited to Apple devices.

This is possibly the coolest messaging app ever for Apple users and has a ton of desirable irreplaceable features. iMessage is trendy and preferable to most if not all Apple users.

A messaging app that gives you variety at no added cost or inconvenience is a welcome addition to the tech world.

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